Premature Burial; Foolish Burial Edit

  1. Activate "Foolish Burial".
  2. Send one of your monsters with the highest ATK without the effect of "This card cannot be Special Summoned." from your Deck to your Graveyard.
  3. Activate "Premature Burial".
  4. Special Summon the monster sent to the Graveyard to the field.

2 E - Hero Fusion Monster Card of the Same Name; the Fusion-Material Monsters; Polymerization; Miracle Fusion Edit

  1. Activate "Polymerization".
  2. Send to the Graveyard the Fusion-Material monsters from your Hand or your side of the field.
  3. Special Summon 1 of the Fusion Monster Cards.
  4. Activate "Miracle Fusion".
  5. Remove from play the Fusion-Material monsters used for the first Special Summon from the Graveyard.
  6. Special Summon the other Fusion Monster card.

Baby Dragon; Time Wizard; Alligator's Sword; Thousand Dragon; Alligator's Sword Dragon; Fusion Recovery; Polymerization Edit

  1. Activate "Polymerization".
  2. Special Summon "Thousand Dragon". (Baby Dragon + Time Wizard)
  3. Activate "Fusion Recovery".
  4. Retrieve "Polymerization" and "Baby Dragon".
  5. Repeat 1.
  6. Special Summon "Alligator's Sword Dragon". (Baby Dragon + Alligator's Sword)